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We Believe Everybody Deserves a Second Chance

Even when life seems to be hopeless, God gives us a second chance, a do over... a fresh start.

A Chance to Make Things Right 

Have you ever wished that life would come with "do over's", the ability to erase the past and start all over? Maybe you wish you could throw out the “challenge flag" and have that one play reviewed, in hopes of getting the outcome reversed! Well, what if we told you all this and more is available to you through a relationship with Jesus Christ? Would you be interested?

Crosswalk Community Church invites you to join us as we re-discover "The God of second chances"! God delights in giving us "do over's", He calls it forgiveness. Oh, and that big play that you totally messed up on... you haven't seen the end yet. God has a way of reversing the outcome of our messes and actually using them for our good, if we'll let Him! We see it happening in the lives of people every day.

People who thought that it was too late for things to turn around for them, but God specializes in doing the impossible! He will give us a clean slate and a fresh start, right now. today, if we'll let Him.

So... how about you? Would you like to start over? Come join us as we re-discover together..."The God of second chances."

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